Social Selling

  • Study the impact of your current communication
  • Integrate branding into a sales approach
  • Maintain an editorial and strategic line during your appearances
  • Create a natural customer enthusiasm for your brand


It is common to say that social networks are essential today for any brand communication.

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It is common to say that social networks are nowadays indispensable for all brand communication. That these are the preferred services in a digital strategy.

Let's imagine for a moment that they are much more than that, that social media strategies can also affect the business of a structure. Build relationships and achieve the same sales objective. This is known as social selling.

This process is based on two important factors.

1) Acquire leads through the production and sharing of quality content.
2) To highlight the human part in a sales process using personal branding and other social media services.

There is a rude question of facilitating interactions with social networks.

Almost 70% of the time, customers come directly to brands.

The interest is therefore to be able to seduce them with quality content and a solid e-reputation.

Social selling strategies give incredible numbers:

According to a Microsoft article:
- 78% of sellers who use social networking platforms fare better than those who do not.
- 86% of consumers of technological products use social networks to help them make a purchasing decision.
- 65% of B2B buyers do their research on potential sellers using social networks.
- 64% of sales teams that use social selling meet their quotas.
- 400%: this is the rate of increase in IBM's sales since they started using social selling.

It is therefore essential to have complete and up-to-date profiles (personal branding strategy), to interact as much as possible and maintain relationships in order to thrive a network. But also to put oneself in the shoes of an influenceor and position oneself as such; maintain and optimize the customer experience on a professional page.

The last step being the most important, conversion; breaking down the border between digital and real. From social networks to the bill of sale, there is sometimes only one step.

In conclusion, it is easy to conclude that Social Selling has a prosperous and evolving future, as certain systems created according to this same dynamic prove. Both on Linkedin with the Sales Navigator and the ability to buy directly via Facebook or download via Instagram with one click.

The Social Selling will evolve very quickly and without warning, on your keyboards!


Notre but est d’atteindre efficacement les objectifs de votre projet.

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