Design thinking / Writing

  • Collect large volumes of data and information
  • Learn to read its data in order to establish a dialogue
  • Discover your users' habits and preferences
  • Track the impact of your communication campaign live


Slogan / positioning, articles, naming, product sheets, static pages, etc.

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Today, we have permanent access to quality visuals, graphic diversity and daily renewed inspiration. The image has the ability to make people travel, project and evoke the most personal things in each of us.

This is obviously no reason to neglect the weight of words. The advertising was built on the combination of a visual and a hook. Writing design allows you to orientate the meaning of an advertising campaign and exploit all its keys.

The drafting concept has a consequent scope for action:
- Designing and writing a campaign
- Hooks and positioning
- Writing articles
- Product data sheet
- Static pages
- Preferential marking
- Visual and etymological culture

Obviously, a great general culture is needed without neglecting the psychological part essential to the analysis of a brand and the repercussion of its advertising concept.

Advertising culture is an important factor in ensuring the originality of proposals, inspirations of taste and relevant winks.

Mastery of letters is essential for a quality positioning.

Each brand is registered in a particular country with unique customs. The history of the country, its references, how to communicate to its inhabitants.

The designer-editor's field of action is above all to find the words for your creative ideas. This will then enable a campaign of quality, fairness and impact.

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Notre but est d’atteindre efficacement les objectifs de votre projet.

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