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SEO is one of the main levers of traffic acquisition. It is important to diversify the sources of visits and implement different analysis tools to better understand your visitors, what they expect, when they leave the page, their path and why they are not converted.

It's smart to combine these statistics with big data tools because don't forget that small actions can make your brand unmissable.

We work with sound methods to ensure that your site's position on different keywords is sustainable and relevant to your business.

First of all, it is important to understand that referencing does not do everything.

If the addressed message or service offered does not match your target there is little chance for prospects to convert themselves as a customer.

Inbound Marketing tends to attract customers without the traditional sales process. The content must be intelligent and interesting enough to get them to come from themselves. It is therefore for us an important part of the dynamic of referencing.

There are four important key points to remember in an Inbound Marketing strategy.

The first is to be easily found by our potential targets and generate traffic on the website. (articles, blog, videos, SEO (below), social networks distribution).

The second point is to generate leads (call-to-actions, landing heterogeneous pages, forms). It's up to you to find the advocates that will make users want to interact.

The third key point aims to convert prospects into customers more directly; by sending targeted mailings, promotional offers or even by phone call for the most fervent.

The last point is crucial. How can we keep them loyal? Make your customers your own representatives, engage in a real dialogue with them and take down the business card for a moment. This important point will involve the creation of the brand universe and its evolution over time. So yes, referencing doesn't do everything, but it does help anyway.

In webmarketing it is often the most complete junk as far as the use of this or that term is concerned. Indeed, it is easy to let a term be misused.

Let's take the time to summarize these different marketing concepts.

This will help you in your strategy.

SMO or Social Media Optimization

It corresponds to all the processes and effects of image development as well as the visibility of a website or brand on social networks.

It is important to notify that the SMO includes classic elements to SEO like YouTube video placement optimization. But also viral marketing on news and media on the internet and social platforms. It also includes content creation and editing on Facebook pages and blogs. The SMO can even be extended to e-reputation management.

All the services set up via the SMO will strongly help the SEO, the reputation of some publications will boost the natural referencing.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO is also called natural referencing

It operates in parallel with the AES and SEM.

SEO is practiced with the simple objective of properly referencing a website or page and making it appear in the first proposals of a search engine. A good referencing is based on the frequent searches of Internet users and the keywords that result from it. There is no question of payment in the SEO process.

It takes into account many factors: HTML tags, optimized and relevant content and external links.

SEA or Search Engine Advertising

The SEA is in other words, paid referencing. It has a view to make you appear in reserved places at the top or on the sides of Google pages. The SEA is based on the operation of auctions. To do this, you will need to open a Google Adwords account to launch a sponsored campaign. SEA + SEO = SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing

SEM groups all marketing referencing services (paid or not).

Since the advent of social media the equation has been extended to: SEM = SEA + SEO + SMO

The ASO or App Store Optimization

Because who thinks about SEO thinking about internet and digital but what about mobile phones or even applications? Because I remember that the mobile phone is used more than the oddizer to access the internet.

In mobile referencing, there are two things to consider.

The mobile SEO (natural referencing) which will be adapted to the mobile variant of a website. Then the ASO service which corresponds to the classification / positioning of applications on platforms.

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