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    Complementary of the actions of natural referencing, the e-reputation proposes to ensure all the statements that one can find on the web

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    You have surely heard about this new phenomenon of influence marketing or marketing influence. If no, we explain why this new marketing lever is essential for your brand, product, event ...

    The goal of influence marketing is to obtain maximum visibility to promote (brand awareness, product launch, event organization, etc.).

    For that, a new lever appeared, that of the digital influencers. These influencers are all people on the web / social networks that create content (text, audio, video ...) on a theme, exposes the general public on a dedicated platform (Blog / web, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest ...), and generates a community around.

    This community is a truly targeted and segmented audience that brands can use to communicate with their target audience.

    The idea is to analyze your objectives of promotions (notoriety of brands, launch of products etc ...), to identify the social networks and the most relevant influencers who will be able to communicate on them, to build together a communication strategy to deploy, and analyze / measure the results of the campaign.

    The steps of an influence marketing strategy with WebLagence:
    - Reflection and analysis (the values ​​of the brand, its positioning, its targets, its objectives).
    - Analysis of the social networks to use.
    - Identification of relevant influencers (in accordance with brand values, targeted and segmented audience ...)
    - Linking the influencer (s) and your brand.
    - Development of a communication strategy.
    - Measure campaign returns (reach, conversion, ROI ...)

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    Notre but est d’atteindre efficacement les objectifs de votre projet.

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