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Growth Hacking is all the marketing services that help a company grow, usually dedicated to startups.

Growth Hacker's business has been highly prized by small and large companies for the past few years.

There is a lot of talk about Marketing Automation; the automation of certain marketing materials in order to save precious time and often, a lot of money.

It is now commonplace to have a website responsive (ideally, an independent mobile site) to manage its presence on targeted and coherent social networks.

These achievements are mandatory today in view of the behavioural changes of the new generations and the specific uses of Internet users.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation brings together the techniques and tools dedicated to automating recurring and repetitive tasks via pre-designed marketing scenarios, in order to stimulate customer potential in its purchasing process. This technique is not new.

It is also an enormous time saver for a young agency. Once in possession of a database and once the scenarios are implemented, the trick is done.

The MA has many interests; it makes it possible to get rid of all futile and redundant tasks, thus giving free rein to value-added shares.

He trains the Lead Nurturing, thus staying in constant contact with the customer, learning from his expectations. Finally, it collects data for later use.

What is Growth Hacking?

The Growth Hacking aims to target the most promising paths, the most promising directions for business growth. Based on testing and learning, it aims to focus on cost-effective, strategic and low-cost opportunities.

Marketing Automation is therefore rightly a perfect Growth Hacker tool for low-level tasks to collect data and increase customer understanding.

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