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    Brand activation is a phenomenon that can have an infinite number of representations, it is the simple fact of creating an immutable relationship with the strong emotional impact between a brand and its customers via the customer experience.

    The goal behind is to engender commitment and increase sales. But far from the lucrative idea of ​​the thing, brand activation has a real unifying and friendly power.

    Trademark activation is organized for a long time in advance and can be part of many different key points. The message will remain the same but the different activations will be put in place according to the audience, the time and the environment.

    Marketing activation more generally includes brand activation (long duration / brand / customer relationship) and direct response activation (one shots / direct sales). It can have a particular brand commitment (sponsor, sponsorship, charity, ecological, social) or simply a promotional and informative purpose. The idea is to create a real dialogue between brand and customer.

    She can have many faces:
    - Contests games (social networks, web, parties, applications)
    - Promotional tours (product presentation, social networks)
    - Street marketing / guerrilla (promo, prank, social experiment)
    - Event (gala, sponsorship party)

    The activation process is all the more interesting because it happens where the major media can not go (tv, radio, magazine). Not all brands have the same goal and vision of their products. It is therefore important at first time to set the brand's objectives to develop its strategy.

    A concept to be creative, if it does not meet the expectations of customers, it is a failure.

    The concept will be defined with the target, at certain times in certain places. It will set the tone and often the title of your activation.

    Be careful to choose well and coach your team of stakeholders if contact there is.

    This first line is not just a welcome line, a hostess job, it is, strictly speaking, the closest contact that customers will have with your brand.

    In the dialogue on the ground and in your communication always go to the essential. Use useful and simple keywords in your impressions as well as on social networks.


    Notre but est d’atteindre efficacement les objectifs de votre projet.

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