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The (digital) brand content is quite popular; its presence is quite often present in a brand strategy. Some people think that it is indivisible from advertising while others are convinced that it is indivisible from advertising.

What is it, really?

The brand content designation encompasses all types of strategic content.

It is a way of communicating directly through the brand, unlike branded content, which is limited to sponsoring or sponsoring an existing object or event.

Keeping a strategic and editorial line is a necessity for advertisers. But it is obviously not easy to make your voice heard among the tens of millions of content shared daily.

The specificity of the brand content is its positioning; the brand discourse has no other purpose than to entertain, inform and sometimes make people laugh. The commercial part is then completely set aside. For the brand content to be coherent, the brand must be based on existing data (know-how, history) and thus create a real emotional bond.

Storytelling is very important in a brand content strategy, the narrative quality and originality of the spitch will make a real difference with competitors. The objective is to have created a common value for the customer and the brand.

If the brand content is not always digital in its expression, it can easily be digital. The borders between print and digital are always thin when a campaign is of quality.

Data is vital to brand content; content analysis is used to frame, enhance and refine creative work. Produce appropriate content and distribute it intelligently in a targeted manner.

The necessary data can come from a variety of sources (press, web, social networks, photos, etc.) and help to understand the brand's customer experience. The message must then be adapted to the medium in order to really reach heterogeneous targets.

A good brand content is content that makes you want to be shared. The digital BC or brand content is finally giving meaning to the data collected. To create a brand preference based on personal experience.

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