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Have you defined a brand image? Do you live from your own brand or company every day? Have you found the balance between your brand and your status as a corporate spokesperson and ambassador?

If you are like most senior management professionals, it is likely that your answer is probably no.

Personal Branding is attached to a person representing a brand, so Corporate Branding encompasses the entire corporate and corporate image.

Developing your personal brand in today's interdependent and interconnected business environment is not only a core competency for those who wish to improve their career opportunities, climb the social ladder or improve brand equity along the way, it is an essential principle of modern leadership. Unfortunately, Personal Branding has become a subject stripped of its core values and strategic implications.

It is crucial to take the time to think about how you want to manage your brand. It will be revealed and discussed through various channels of communication to members of the Board of Directors, shareholders, stakeholders, company staff, customers and the media.

Today, the status of representatives goes beyond the simple prism of the company. The cult of corporate celebrities is no longer limited to the business world or financial markets.

The fact is that anyone with a Facebook page, Linkedin or Twitter profile becomes a personality in public life and can continue to develop information A (article, interview, award, reward, review) with other speeches that are neither autobiographical nor authorized.

If, for example, you think you're removing negative ratings from your business; it's a nightmare: erasing any negative links, bad ratings or privacy breaches from Google's pages is not easy unless you have the services of a full-time community manager. The best thing to do is to refrain from excessive exposure or shiny packaging until it is controlled and balanced internally.

1 - Anything you say, anything you publish could be held or used against you.

2 - Personal Branding is a lifelong commitment

3 - The image of Personal & Corporate Branding must complement each other. The whole is to know how to keep a semantic distance between you and the company you represent.

Each company president or public representative must articulate a clear vision of his or her intention to serve the company without compromising his or her real or potential power within the same forum.

4 - Be consistent. What you say in the meeting room and how you act outside the seat, online or offline are, a priori, non-linear, but in reality inseparable. Brands associated with consistent core values are the most respected by consumers and prevent any form of imitation.

5 - What you think of yourself does not belong to you. Public figures and senior executives are assets and publicly traded subjects that will be directly related to the economic aspect of the company.

6 - Be fashionable, fashion conscious.

7 - What you see is what you get. Authentic, responsible and attentive to your colleagues, employees, customers and community are fundamental qualities.

8 - There is also a fundamental difference between communicating and making noise. Leaders should stay away from the recurrent appearances on entertainment and talk shows. Excessive exposure is a negative syndrome for a long-term reputation.

The veil between Corporate Branding, Personal Branding and potential clients has never been so translucent. They can make your success as well as play to your disadvantage, depending on what you have to say to them.

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