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Data & Big Data: the whys and wherefores of why

If the marketing world has evolved so much in recent years and so many tools have been developed, it is with the help of Data.

The volume of data collected has increased considerably over the last ten years thanks to the multiplicity of connected media and mobile and web applications.

The analysis of this pile of data no longer has to prove itself, it changes and will continue to change our society and the way we communicate.

If you're wondering where all this data can come from, just consider that on the Internet when a service is free, it's not really free. We pay with data, ours. Whether it is represented by a cookie or directly taken by the developers, we leave traces of our passages on the web.

Don't be frightened the cookie only allows you to recognize a visitor returning to the same website. And per visitor it is important to specify that he recognizes the machine (computer, mobile) and not a user precisely. Cookies greatly simplify the customer journey; automatic connection to a personalized page, retargeting, marketing analysis, etc.

This is an essential element in behavioral targeting and therefore advertising campaign.

Mega-data (vast amount of data) may have been a major challenge over a long period of time; Data mining (knowledge extraction via computer data) has made a difference, moving from a long study process to faster automated systems, faster interpretation and therefore, ultimately, a high degree of reactivity.

What is Data-Driven marketing?

Data-Driven marketing can be summed up as marketing by data.

All the different marketing decisions established following the reading of the knowledge inferred from Big Data. It is important to note that Data-Driven marketing only exists on a large scale (megabytes of data).

The Big Data generally allows the knowledge of demographic data, ages, socio-professional categories, etc., in general. It therefore helps to target.

Then there is behavioural data; relating to the personal experience of each individual and his or her journey on a site.

Qualitative surveys are quizzes or polls designed to give data to certain companies in order to create genuine market surveys (preventing competition in the knowledge of the environment and the sector)

Once all your data has been collected, you need to know how to read it in order to improve Data-Driven marketing. Interpretation of these measures is the keystone of a successful pro-client relationship.

How to read this information, what to do with it?

Thanks to DataViz (data visualization) we can make the information readable by the largest world. DataViz is all the media, techniques representing raw data by graphs, visualizers.

DataViz supports decision making in translating raw and complex data into simple terms. To provide a real solution, DataViz is required to be interpretable, relevant and innovative in its instructions. The technical innovations and tools related to DataViz are numerous and to the cause of digital marketing democratization.

But the analyses can also be based on your own experience; for example, reporting is a means of direct access to the results of an advertising campaign (audience, clicks, paths, etc.). While it is sometimes complex to interpret this data, advertisers can access it easily and in real time. Reporting can be found on several common media such as display advertising, affiliates, commercial links or even simply on e-mails.

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