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A/B Testing is used in marketing to measure the impact of changes by primarily taking into account the achievement of objectives

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The A/B testing commonly practiced in marketing is a measure that assures the impact of a change of variable. Clicking, validation, form filling and many other objectives require A/B testing. This measure is intended to test two different variables of the same service. Used since always in marketing, it is more and more used with the rise of digital. Opportunities are more numerous and make testing easier. Processing times are shorter.

In digital marketing, it can be used to test emails, websites, landing pages, forms and advertising communication.

Most of the major sales platforms have a dedicated team to set up tests.

When carrying out one of these tests, the number of openings and clicks can be observed according to the number of colors or texts for the same variable. Some web tools then allow you to analyze the most interesting formula.

A/B Testing allows you to optimize your call-to-action, forms, and various actions present on your site to better convert your visitors into customers.

Many specialized platforms have been created in recent years, thanks to which a large number of tests can be carried out without having to touch the source code of the website in question.

There are no real difficulties in setting up an A/B test; it is simply important to ensure a real difference in the results. The terms of experience and the factors on which they are based are the key to a successful test.

If we want to carry out tests jointly on different variables, this is called multivariate testing.

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