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Realization and video production of TV commercials, web ads, short films, music video clips, photo shoot, photomontage, staging, etc.

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Photography and video are an important part of advertising production. They both arrive at the end of the creative process. Production studios or photographers' agents are usually used. Filmmaker or photographer, it is important to select the artist who best fits the project.

Similar to the business of UX and UI, they must be able to combine engineering and technical with artistic bias. Creative intelligence is also necessary. It is important to choose an artist for his narrative qualities in order to serve the project rather than for graphic reasons, trends, or reputation.

Advertising is a world apart from which filmmakers and photographers from the world of fashion, haute couture and travel can join.

The most common supports are: production and video production of TV spot, web ad, short film, music video clip, photo shoot, photomontage and photographic treaty.

Video and advertising photography obey specific rules; specific to the creative concept. The mastery of his techniques is interesting in the representation of the latter.

It is also sometimes more interesting to approach small agencies, to go through smaller studios that will be cheaper and capable of quality production.

A video spot and a photographic campaign can have different functions:
- Advertising spot
- Product video
- Promotional offer
- Video tutorial

It can be for professionals (BtoB), the general public (BtoC), only on the web and social networks or also be dedicated to internal communication.

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Notre but est d’atteindre efficacement les objectifs de votre projet.

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