UX Design

  • Combine elegant design with an information hierarchy
  • Facilitate the reading of your services and the user's movement
  • Build customer loyalty with quality customer service
  • Bring flexibility between your different interfaces


User Experience (UX) Design: Maximize the user experience on your platform

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Since the end of the 90's, we have seen the emergence of new web professions, such as UX and UI supporting the developer profession. Today, these professions are still becoming increasingly democratic and evolving. This success makes it difficult today to separate the innovative strategies and operations of these businesses, which make them successful or push them to do so.

The UX design is the contraction of User eXperience which represents very directly the user experience of a digital platform or support.

Long before we arrived at a particular style or design, history taught us that it is the functionality of a service that makes it so successful.

The objective is obviously to offer a user, practice, the most pleasant use possible.

The advertising world today is oriented towards the experiences lived in the absence of material good. It's the journey you will have against the product that is valued and it's your feelings that will be at the centre of the studies.

The key points of a platform are numerous; it must be accessible and adaptable to all formats and screens, simple to use, useful for its user, attractive to newcomers, but always stimulating for regular customers. And of course the whole thing has to be credible and intelligent.

More than just optimizing the User eXperience, UX also includes user behavioral analysis, storage of customer data and therefore continuous improvement. The concretization of the user action is the main line of a UX's work, making navigation a pleasant, simple, fluid and reassuring experience.

The user experience results from referencing work in order to make it visible in the first place.

It will also be responsive, therefore compatible and automatically adaptable on the main digital media. The experience must be intuitive and simple in order to find its way around ergonomics, graphics and functional handling. The Internet user must also be able to answer the questions he or she asks easily and without having to ask them.

The UI Design is more focused on the visual part, even though it works hand in hand with the UX to make navigation as natural as possible.

He will be in charge of organizing the graphic elements (visuals, texts, animations) in order to make the site attractive while facilitating the user's race. The UI will thus be objectively more directly related to its technique and knowledge, while the UX will work in an evolutionary way according to the impact it has on users.

These professions are very different, even if they often go hand in hand. The UX is a very complete expertise taking into action the UI as well as the design, architecture and other major lines of the site.

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