• Apply your identity to each of your supports with a red iron
  • Vary and surprise with a wide choice of supports
  • Use quality media to increase message effectiveness
  • Save money by concentrating your investments on appropriate media


Flyers, mailing and invitations, press kit, brochures, trade brochures and packaging

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What are printed media?

More commonly known as print, it is the whole of the media used during a communication, advertising or marketing campaign (flyers, posters, press kit, invitations...).

The paper has been given many roles in Western history but almost always for the same purpose: telling stories. From the earliest shamans to modern writers and artists, it has been used for a wide variety of purposes, but never without its own support. 

He was the reason for many technical discoveries that were the major support of our education.

Despite the presence of the Internet, paper consumption continues to increase worldwide, proving once again the attachment to the medium.

Printed media have many advantages, starting with storage. It is also easy to transport and store. 

Thanks to a good communication strategy, intelligent hooks, a personal graphic charter and a certain knowledge of papers and their attributes, you will be able to effectively inform your customers by asserting a unique identity.

It will also allow you to vary the values of your messages and adapt them to the desired target (informative, promotional, preventive).

These different paper supports will obviously enhance your company's image, serving both aesthetics and notoriety.

The different print media are:
- The eternal calling card
- Flyers (invitations, promotional leaflets, informative flyers)
- The commercial brochure (introducing your major products and services)
- Poster (Italian or French format, Key Visual of your campaign)
- Leaflets, catalogues, brochures, greeting cards
- The press kit (presentation of your company to the professional world)

Obviously, we will not choose a support by whim, but relative to the message to be conveyed, depending on the client's objective and the size of the investment desired. 

Before choosing your communication media, it is important to ensure the effectiveness of your visual identity, summarised in your graphic charter

The graphic charter gathers the colors and fonts used, the logo and its possible variations. Before going to external communication, it is also important to communicate internally.

Printed materials will support both the B to B commercial aspect and the dissemination of the message in B to C. The whole world must know your offer and your services, so don't hesitate to contact a specialist agency who will be able to help you.

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Notre but est d’atteindre efficacement les objectifs de votre projet.

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