Motion design

  • Boost your interventions with taste
  • Get involved on more daring supports
  • Bring your brand image to life in a more attentive world
  • Challenge cinema by combining technology and graphics processing


TV / web skins, movie credits, commercials, etc.

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Motion Design also called Motion Graphics Design is a pretty new process of animating various graphic elements (images, pictos, fonts, 3D elements) synchronized to music or sound.

We have discovered this discipline since the sixties in film credits, children's entertainment, educational programs, etc ...

The advantage of motion design is its diversity, there are no two designers with the same graphic touch, the same technical process. Like all these dependent professions in full of technology, there is a permanent learning and an artistic watch to perform.

Progress is fast and never lasts very long.

Currently motion design has extended to all areas and continues to convert.

On TV, news channels, news, banners pulled down screens, but also on the web with animations on some sites, banners and in the menus of your mobile.

Technological progress is such that today it's hard to tell the difference between motion design and special effects. More than one advertisement could come from these two domains without being differentiable.

That's what this expertise must go through professionals able to handle brilliantly the various tools related to these trades, moving from the Adobe suite to 3D, 2D and finish with sound designer skills; essential element.

His work is complete even though he can be assisted by specialists in modeling, casting, or sound engineering in order to achieve a perfect result.

We can add the designer motions to the list of trades to combine a pronounced artistic paw and a perplexing and evolutionary technique.

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Notre but est d’atteindre efficacement les objectifs de votre projet.

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