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Improvement or complete creation of the graphic charter of your brand

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The graphic charter is a document outlining the main uses of the brand image. It tends to define precisely the conditions under which the mark will be represented through different media. The creation of a graphic charter is essential to a brand, a company, an organization and more generally to all projects having a certain ambition as regards its visibility.

The content of a graphic charter

A graphic charter combines brand universe and corporate values (e. g. ecology, innovation, international). The logo is the centrepiece of the graphic charter (symbols, typographies, colours). It will be present on all the different communication media of the brand.

It reflects the image of the company and its services, but also has an important function in customer relations. It must be able to be all terrain and come in a page, a square, without catchy or in a defined tone.

It can then be found frequently on printed media (quotes, invoices, flyers, mailings and invitations, press kits, brochures, brochures, sales brochures and packaging).
It does not define the graphic charter on its own, but allows us to build a more precise history around it. More precisely, we will then be able to find in the graphic charter this or that font and its various attributes.

Generally speaking, a title font is used for headings, articles, chapters and keywords as well as a so-called content font for longer texts with paragraphs.  
The importance of typography is not to be overlooked, we can also point out that many famous brands have given up the logo to represent themselves more directly thanks to a simple typography (purchased or created for the occasion).

The graphic charter is also the bias of colors adapted to communication needs. Typically but also in the possibilities of coloured backgrounds, the brand must work to find the winning equation between memorization and differentiation. Attention, the graphic charter must ensure a visual coherence and not a saturation due to too many colors.

If our English-speaking friends talk about corporate design, it is with the aim of having a unique and strong imprint of the company that allows for many other creations and supports based on the basis of the graphic charter.
A good graphic charter will allow an immediate identification with the brand by its customers and partners.

Creation of logos

Your logo is a small part of you, it tells you how important it is and that you shouldn't miss it! Rely on our team of experts, who will be able to highlight the various aspects to highlight and successfully translate them into your logo.

Edition of business cards

At trade fairs, meetings or simply fortuitous meetings between professionals, you need to carry business cards with you at all times. They are the first image that your interlocutors will keep of you, the ones that they come out if necessary to contact you, the ones that we pose and on which the eye comes to rest constantly. That's why they must be impeccable and perfectly match the image you want to convey. We realize them for you, and thanks to our partnerships with printers we even choose the finishing of the card, so that it represents you more and more.

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