Digital Visual Identity

  • Create a modern and impactful identity on your platform
  • Keep the spirit of your brand in more contemporary codes
  • Boost your branding with digital media
  • Modernize your presentations, signatures and interventions


Logotype, presentation support, video, multimedia, website, emailing interactive devices

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The digital visual identity,

On digital media (web site, mobile, press release, social networks, animated advertising or video, etc ...) the visual identity can then take a different and evolutive form (inset, gif, animated signature, decorative pattern, clickable button, declination of identity for a new service, special collection).

These newer media have the advantage of symbolizing your brand universe through known signs but on more surprising and more narrative territories.

Visual identity, an essential element.

The visual identity is the spearhead of the communication strategy. In a way, it is considered as the passport of the company and allows it a certain visibility thanks to its different supports (ex: logotype, emailing, support of presentation, website etc ...). A good visual identity can solicit potential customers, but also ensure its value and reputation with competing brands. It is even more important in digital where new media are created every day allowing it to live in a more animated and interactive way.

The visual identity is something of prime importance for every existing brand, company and business, because if it is strong, it allows the company to highlight and grow its notoriety. The visual identity is not only marketing, it is mainly the reflection of its activities and fields of action but also the reflection of its objectives. It is characterized by both the constituent elements of each brand and its function.

In defiance of certain established ideas, the visual identity of an establishment is not only a logotype story but translates into a graphic, symbolic, colorimetric and typographic selection. These various assembled elements will come then to create the graphical universe of the mark declined in an intelligent way on all the supports used occasionally.

In other words, the graphic summary of your business. It must represent your activity, your fields of action, your services and values. It must also be able to clipper and decline to infinity on all of your communication media.

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