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Today indispensable to the advertising world, digital media are very effective when they are intelligently chosen according to a specific communication need.

Digital advertising uses the same rules as print advertising.

The more the concept is strong and honest about the services it offers, the easier it will be to develop graphical solutions. It is therefore important to have an established graphic chart, a strong visual identity and a Key Visual (an image + a hook) representative of the concept.

There are nevertheless some codes related to web communication:
- The supports are more numerous having very varied formats (web films, short series, banners, pop up, campaigns social networks, animations)
- Campaigns of very different durations (one day, a few weeks, several months)
- A different tone (player, familiar, provocative, etc.)
- Know when and where to strike (digital media must coexist with news)
- And above all, never take Internet users for idiots.

The success of an advertising campaign depends primarily on a good concept.

The creative concept of a campaign requires a study of brand history, its policy and obviously the service or products on offer.

Print advertising as digital has nothing of the usual advertising. We ended up understanding that a microwave would not change anything in our lives and that yogurt had finished making us sigh of happiness with each spoon. Advertising stories are now more about brands and services than about the product itself.

The advertising borders are very thin today and the quality of a campaign comes from the faculty to pass in the field and the other.

It is in a way very easy to communicate but it is above all essential to be listened to. Choose your words, the appropriate tone, the appropriate message and all this on strategic supports. Advertising has never been just advertising, it has to serve the customer through the represented brand.

A successful advertising campaign will combine classic and digital media with strategy and concept. Everything is still to be done.

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