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Advertising campaign for urban display, Morris columns, 4x3 posters, illuminated signs, etc.

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The success of an advertising campaign depends primarily on a good concept.

The creative concept of a campaign requires a study of brand history, its policy and obviously the service or products on offer.

The more the concept is strong and honest about the services it offers, the easier it will be to develop graphical solutions. It is therefore important to have an established graphic chart, a strong visual identity and a Key Visual (an image + a hook) representative of the concept.

TV advertising as we know it does not really represent the quality and the many possibilities we have today. The technologies, the digital, the multiplication of the supports and the evolution of the mentalities of the customer make that today there is finally again; everything to do. Receiving information per thousand, we created a segregation against advertising.

Print advertising as digital has nothing of the usual advertising. We ended up understanding that a microwave would not change anything in our lives and that yogurt had finished making us sigh of happiness with each spoon. Advertising stories are now more about brands and services than about the product itself.

Advertising borders are now very thin and the quality of a campaign comes from its ability to move from one field to another. If there is no real scope for specific action, there are still some important traditional media for the implementation and success of a campaign.

The most famous supports are: urban signage, metro and public transport (horizontally or vertically), Morris columns, light panels, full magazine pages and large facade tarpaulins . If it is not required to produce on paper, printed materials retain an attribute of practicality, memorization and preservation.

It is in a way very easy to communicate, but it is above all essential to be listened to. Choose your words, the appropriate tone, the appropriate message and all this on strategic supports. Advertising has never been just advertising, it has to serve the customer through the represented brand.

A successful advertising campaign will combine classic and digital media with strategy and concept. Everything is still to be done.

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