The conductor framework of your back-end, to lead your site to the baton!

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    Designed in 2005 by Fabien Potencier, CEO of SensioLabs, this powerful framework allows web developers to create better quality applications faster. No need to reinvent the wheel for every project: thanks to its tools and libraries, a development agency can automate or simplify tasks and increase productivity.

    Focus on business needs

    Currently in version 3.3, Symfony is one of the most used framework in the world. Whatever the size of your company, whether it is to develop a website or a web application, the objective for an agency is always the same: to meet a business need without having to rewrite code for things that have already been done many times. The framework allows you to focus on the customer's needs, without having to solve low-level problems already solved before. Separation of the code according to the MVC model, harmonization of the structure, libraries, back-office generator or cache system: the framework brings together the best PHP development tools and provides a range of very powerful tools to improve productivity. With its very flexible basic code and object-oriented programming, the framework offers the advantage of structuring a project efficiently and making it expandable and scalable.

    A reliable and secure tool

    Security is one of the most important issues for a website. Security breaches, data protection, vulnerability... it is essential to guard against possible attacks. To protect itself, Symfony has several mechanisms at its disposal. Among them, Doctrine ensures that there is no SQL injection. Twig, the viewing engine, prevents code injection into pages. Finally, CSRF protection protects users against usurpation. Maintained by dedicated developers, the source code respects programming standards and its various updates do not break compatibility. It is also possible to add new modules and plugins (more than 600 at the moment!) that are easy to use. Scalable code, maintainability, performance and security: a framework as flexible as it is robust!

    A community at the service of the tool

    Without documentation, a framework is rarely used. Fortunately, an extensive official documentation is available for each tool in order to make it easier to learn. In addition, this software is open source and very popular. It is therefore used by a large community of more than 300,000 users who regularly invest in new features, answering questions from new users or organizing conferences. Each user can thus progress but also help to develop the quality of the code and correct any bugs. SensioLabs has an excellent reputation. The proof: Symfony is used today for many high traffic web applications such as DailyMotion, BlaBlaCar, Spotify or Trivago.

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    Notre but est d’atteindre efficacement les objectifs de votre projet.

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