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Thanks to its flexibility and performance, ReactJS manages to differentiate itself from the competition and its level of popularity has grown steadily since its creation by Facebook in 2013

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Among the many frameworks that are created regularly, it is not always easy to sort them out. Thanks to its flexibility and performance, ReactJS stands out from the competition and its level of popularity has grown steadily since it was created by Facebook in 2013.

A powerful web rendering engine

ReactJS, also called React or React. js, is a JavaScript library developed since 2013 by the Facebook giant. The social network had originally created it for internal purposes to set up its news feed. Now published in open source, React is not quite a framework, but rather a view rendering management tool whose objective is to facilitate the creation of modern applications or websites. It can thus be considered as the V (View) of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) system. React can therefore be associated in complex applications with another library or framework such as AngularJS or even Symfony.

Performance gains

Compared to other user interfaces (Backbone, Ember, Angular...), ReactJS creates its own virtual DOM (Document Object Model) where the components are attached. An approach that brings both great flexibility and amazing performance gains. In fact, React only changes part of the DOM without reloading the entire page each time and thus makes updates very fast. Another advantage for an agency is the possibility of creating its own reusable components later on, which can be combined or included in the core content. In addition, React differs from other frameworks because its code can be generated on the client and server side by using a Node server for example. The objective? Improve developer efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and optimize content referencing.

An intelligible code

Thanks to its flexibility and easy-to-read code, React quickly seduced the JavaScript developer community. Its syntax called JSX, close to XML and which mixes HTML and JS, allows to write components easily and naturally and optimizes the maintenance of the project in time. Finally, React Native, a hybrid mobile framework, allows you to publish native iPhone and Android applications by writing JavaScript. This saves a lot of time for an agency compared to a more specific development. In addition to Facebook, React is used by many companies including Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Airbnb and Yahoo.

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