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NodeJS is quite young and brings many innovations on code execution through the asynchronous notion of Javascript.

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You've probably heard of NodeJS in JavaScript. JavaScript has evolved considerably over time, making the computer industry more autonomous. The latter has always been considered from the point of view of the visitor and from the point of view of the client. The web browser used by the client executes the JavaScript code, and performs the actions requested on the page. However, things are simpler with the arrival of this application. It allows you to use JavaScript to create web pages, replacing server languages ​​like Java EE, PHP and many others.

Presentation of NodeJS

WebThe Agency offers NodeJS. This software platform, event and free in JavaScript, is oriented towards network applications. The application was created by in 2009, by Ryan Lienhart Dahl. But it is the Joyent company that has ensured its development and maintenance. It contains an integrated library of HTTP servers. What makes it work without the reliance of external software. It is much closer to C than PHP, Django or Ruby on Rail. For this reason, it is not recommended for beginners. That said, there are many web frameworks that are based on this tool, like Express and NPM.

Express is the most common package on NPM. It allows you to add to the application of Ryan Lienhart Dahl, what it requires for the creation of a web application. As for NPM, it is the package manager of the application to install the frameworks more easily. The role of these is to avoid us repeating the tasks imposed by the low-level nature of the free software platform. Its use is still complex because it requires more gymnastics.

The agency provides you an incredible ease in carrying out tasks related to this application. With this tool, you are able to generate very fast applications, such as a fast upload system or a chat server, or even all the applications that allow you to answer several queries efficiently and quickly.

An ultra-fast operating system

This tool draws its speed mainly from the V8 engine, which offers non-blocking operation. This ultra fast Google Chrome engine is used by the free software platform in the execution of tasks. V8 has already proven itself with Google, and is known as an open source tool for quickly analyzing and executing JavaScript code. Most browsers read JavaScript less efficiently before Chrome arrived. The code was read and interpreted as and when. This caused the browser to take a lot longer to read the JavaScript, and transform the JavaScript into machine-readable code.

However, with the V8 engine of Chrome, reused by the application, it works in a very optimized way, making the compilation JIT (Just In Time). Unlike other browsers, it transforms JavaScript code into machine code in a very fast way, to optimize it to a number of complex processes like copy elison, code in lining and many others. However, the use of this tool is not conditioned by knowledge of how V8 works. It just allows it to run JavaScript code faster. Since JavaScript is built around the notion of event, the platform has put together a set of non-blocking codes.

Moreover, the software platform, WebL'Agence, web agency is the flagship, is a tool with abstractions that make it easier to create event applications. It is solicited by a considerable number of companies thanks to its operating system which is more interesting than other applications.

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