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Date of publication : 01-mars-2018


The story of two childhood friends Jeremy and Maxime who share a common vision: using the web and art direction to develop innovative, impactful and emotional projects. For them, the web is not only a technology but also a means of expressing themselves. 
An artistic web agency that wants to be visionary and imposes itself of being. In constant reflection and questioning, we adapt the values and vision of our customers to our philosophy of the web of tomorrow: a web at the cutting edge of technology, graphically beautiful, and offering the visitor a real user experience. Since the creation of WebL' Agence, we have supported 27 clients in the development of their ideas. The combination of cutting-edge technology and an adapted and original artistic direction made it possible to satisfy each of their needs. 
In addition, we have grown our young and dynamic team from 2 to 12 people, with the aim of training each of our employees in the latest technologies to stimulate their curiosity and satisfy their need to search ever further. 
WebL'Agence is a cool and stimulating work environment with challenges to take up every day, passionate, talented and engaging colleagues.


We're looking for a new salesman !

As a member of the WebL'Agence team, you are in charge of developing the agency's turnover.
You know how to pick up the client and build a relationship of trust with him. You are ready to get to know our team and its skills to know what to sell to the customer.
You are also very good at answering calls for tenders in order to open new doors to the agency.
The whole team is counting on you to bring back innovative and ambitious projects !

You don't think you belong to Generation Y, you just consider yourself modern !
You're dynamic, open-minded and full of hidden talents. You don't wait for instructions, you take the lead.

You are constantly progressing because, like the rest of the team, you don't put up any barriers, you go for it !

In the field or not, we will never impose on you one and the same way of working. As long as you bring back some numbers, we'll thank you accordingly. 😎

Date of publication : 2018-03-01
Localization : Paris, Puteaux


    You are aware of the latest trends and innovations and of course you have a good knowledge of the internet.

    Your background doesn't matter to us, you just have to be super motivated, autonomous and cool!
    We're in agreement! It could be a fight between us !
    So don't hesitate, come and have a coffee (or any other drink) at the agency !

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