WebL'Agence - Growth Hacking: Growth Hacker's growing growth business

Digitisation regularly creates new jobs. Some of them are sometimes surprising and even manage to establish themselves as the star of the moment! This is the case for Growth Hacker's specialty. A magician of digital growth who is nowadays very popular with small and large companies alike.

Growth Hacking: Quèsaco?

Growth hacking or "piratage de croissance" in French includes all the techniques used to boost a company's growth. This is particularly true for start-ups with limited means of making themselves known as widely as possible and at a lesser cost. Suction of email files, advantages offered to brand ambassadors, targeted content... everything is good in Growth Hacking to attract and seduce! What was more like System D in 2010, is now a marketing strategy in its own right and potentially very effective. Growth Hacking has been popularized by its recognized effects on the expansion of big names in the digital economy such as Airbnb, Facebook and Dropbox to name just three!

Growth Haker Techniques

While Growth Hacker sometimes uses processes at the edge of legality (which is why it calls itself a hacker), it is more considered as an expert of web channels. After analysing a company's offer, how it works and the targets to be reached, he implements clever and often unsuspected marketing techniques of traditional marketing agencies. Obviously, it is a matter of attracting customers to the brand's website, but also analysing their behaviour in order to quickly offer them the best possible experience. The Growth Hacker is extremely clever and will pick up the customer where they least expect it to be! These techniques can be summarized in 5 points (AARRR):

  •     Acquisition: Pick up the customer through an unexpected channel;
  •     Activation: Transform a visitor into a customer;
  •     Retention: Retain customer loyalty;
  •     Referrer: Identify potential ambassadors among clients;
  •     Income: Evaluate actions to identify what works.

A very complete profile

The Growth Hacker is a kind of all-digital touch! He combines an innate marketing sense with a good command of computer languages and data processing. It is a question of knowing all the possible channels to reach the target, but also of interpreting the data collected accurately in order to correct its action or concentrate it where it is most effective. This knowledge must enable him/her to exchange with the developer to act in real time. Growth Hacking is a passionately passionate job that doesn't count its hours. As for personal qualities, Growth Hacker is a psychologist, curious, persevering and enduring!

Growth Hacking: a sought-after specialty

Truly seen as the magician of the moment, the Growth Hacker is particularly sought after by all companies seeking growth. A marketteur 2.0 who can claim from 32.000 to 65.000€ per year according to his experience. This profession for the moment without a diploma is currently in high demand in incubators but also in more established companies in the midst of the digital revolution. Growth Hacking is undoubtedly a speciality of the future, but it is not given to everyone because the spectrum of skills to be combined is so wide.

Growth Hacking is very much in vogue and is beginning to be taught. Private training courses, often in e-learning, for coding specialists who want to open up to marketing. An exciting job indeed!

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