WebL'Agence - Zoom on those companies that have successfully completed their digital transformation

A true revolution, digitalisation is inviting itself at all levels of society. Companies are not immune to this technological upheaval that profoundly changes their processes. Reactivity, efficiency and competitiveness at the key! Some companies knew better than others to negotiate the turn of digitization. 6 examples of a digitalisation carried out with a beating drum!

Digital transformation of La Redoute

Old and honorable lady born in 1837 La Redoute was able to make a new skin. His catalog, known to all French households, appeared on the web in 1994. However, in 2014, the brand began its digital revolution. The acquisition of the brand by Galeries Lafayette starts a winning strategy. The Galeries Lafayette bring their prestigious physical sales spaces while La Redoute aims to become a giant of the Web! A culture shock at every level of the business. The old lady is rejuvenating her offer by focusing on more design, optimizing the web experience of her visitors and setting up optimal logistics. Rejuvenated, La Redoute now intends to offer mobile users the best of itself. A makeover that probably saved this beautiful business.

Digital transformation of La Poste

La Poste is the factor! Yes, but it is also a company that intends to establish itself as a universal operator of physical and digital exchanges. In fact, La Poste's digital strategy enables it to offer highly innovative and personalized services to both private and professional customers: e-personal and administrative management, shipping and return parcels from the mailbox and follow-up. shipments. Internally, the Facteo application facilitates everyday factors and improves customer relations. Let it be said, La Poste does not build a digital branch but ensures its digitization wherever possible! The company invests not less than one billion euros over 3 years in its digitalization. The dematerialization of exchanges, the development of transversalities between services and the interconnection of physical and digital networks are at the heart of this revolution.

Digital transformation of the cellars of Montquartiers

Created 20 years ago in the crayères of Ile-de-France, the Caves des Montquartiers offer professionals a storage space at the height of their best wines. A company that is experiencing a second wind with digitalization. Its iCave site allows individuals who do not own a cellar to rent storage space for their good bottles. Ideal for many wine lovers in Paris and Ile-de-France. An ingenious electronic pumping system allows the tracking of bottles and maximize storage space. A complete success that contributes for a large part to the growth of the company.

Digital transformation of Tailor Corner

The beautiful story of a neighborhood tailor who stands out thanks to digitalization as a true success story! Two former network engineers have the good idea to offer tailor-made enthusiasts a simple and effective web interface to design their shirts and suits from home! A digitization so effective that the Tailor Corner stores are only used for the demonstration. The touch screens of these physical spaces allow customers to design and order their items that will be delivered directly to them!

Digital transformation of Starbucks

The most famous coffee chain in the world could have fallen asleep on its laurels. The Seattle company had the intelligence to invest the digital space. More than 35 million customers a month visit its website! A success that allows the American brand to cultivate its image, build customer loyalty and develop it. Nearly 54 million Facebook users love Starbucks and share their affection with their friends. Who says better when it comes to digital marketing?

Digital transformation of Darty

The famous chain of home appliances and multimedia is leading its digital revolution on two fronts: on the web with a very complete site that offers beautiful exclusives and within its sales areas to offer powerful tools to the vendors of each department . Connected, vendors are able to respond quickly to the most demanding questions from customers. A digitization of sales areas that reinforces the brand's expertise image!

If there is no single recipe for digitization, it is clear that only a proactive policy can overcome internal reserves. A course and a sail adjustment to take full advantage of the digital winds towards increased growth!

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