WebL'Agence - Outbound Marketing | What are the differences with Inbound ?

More and more individuals are selecting the information they want to obtain through the web. They are no longer satisfied with traditional advertising. For this reason, most companies are turning to outbound marketing as a technique to increase visibility, create leads, optimize sales and build customer loyalty.

What is Outbound Marketing in concrete terms ?

Outbound marketing, as opposed to inbound marketing, means outbound marketing. This is the initial aspect of marketing because communication is done in the business sense towards potential customers. In the digital world, this technique results in the publication of fixed advertising banners on the most visited platforms of consumers. Some digital communication professionals argue that this type of medium is outdated due to the countless approaches provided by recent communication techniques. However, its strength lies in its simplicity and its ability to reach a large number of consumers on high traffic sites.

Differences between outbound and inbound

Incoming inbound marketing is an invitation to consumers. It is carried out by companies through different precise processes. The technique is essentially based on content marketing. The objective is to seduce consumers towards a brand. To this end, the company develops good content with the ultimate goal of charming customers or leads.

Outbound marketing, on the other hand, aims to seek customers in their own environment through the implementation of a digital visual identity or digital signage. It can be done in a very aggressive way.

In short, the inbound marketing technique makes a proposal, while outbound marketing imposes.

Complementarity of Inbound and Outbound

Today, consumer behaviour has changed significantly. They are more thorough and informed. As a result, it is no longer easy for them to accept or adopt the offers before their eyes. Indeed, they want personalised support during their acquisition process, exchanges and listening ears. Therefore, it is mandatory for brands to identify their targets on the basis of various profiles. It is on this basis that they will be able to implement their policies and actions.

With the advent of digital marketing, Inbound Marketing is the preferred tool for companies to attract consumers and promote their know-how. An important attractiveness will thus develop. The company will therefore see an increase in traffic on its online platform. Its reputation and its referencing also go in the same direction. As for Outbound Marketing, it will reinforce and multiply the consequences of actions produced by Inbound in an instant. In short, Inbound Marketing produces long-term effects, while Outbound Marketing produces short-term results.

In the view of some digital marketing professionals, it makes more sense to start with the Inbound Marketing technique before tackling Outbound Marketing. Compliance with this step will allow the brand to increase its audience and leads more quickly.

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