WebL'Agence - The 5 best Javascript frameworks !

Over the years, Javascript has become increasingly popular. The reason for this growth is undoubtedly its ability to allow developers to design and modify web pages in a variety of ways. It also adds functionality to web applications in real time. In addition to being simple to use, it is also efficient and secure. Let's discover without further delay the 5 best Javascript frameworks.


After its release in 2016, the Google framework has made excellent progress. Sometimes considered as an MVW framework (model, view, whatever), AngularJS remains for some the "fast dev". Having a very large community, this framework is easy to test on various media. Its recent update has also provided it with new features that allow it to design even more complete applications.

For mobile as well as for the web, Angular2 is built in TypeScript, which is a technology that wants to improve Javascript and make it more agile and attractive.

Vue JS

Version 2.0 of this framework was also introduced in 2016, with new features that make it faster and lighter than Angular 2.0 and React. Vue JS also offers bidirectional data link, server-side rendering, optional JSX support, and much more. These features make it an excellent choice for the rapid development of cross-platform solutions.

Indeed, Vue JS can become a solid foundation for high-end single-page applications. In addition, developers who already have a good understanding of HTML will have no problem starting with this framework.

Express JS

A framework adapted to the construction of web applications based on Node.js, Express JS is described by its author as a server that originates from Sinatra, as it is partially minimalist while offering the possibility to its users to extend its functionalities through plugins. This framework offers basic tools to create Node.js applications faster. With Express JS, for example, you will be able to use templates and manage the URLs (roads) of your application more easily.

Ember JS

In 2015, Ember JS was considered to be the best JavaScript framework for web application, ahead of React and AngularJS. Although this is no longer the case today, Ember still has a large online community, regular updates and a wide range of JavaScript best practices to ensure a better experience for its users. Like Angular, Ember offers a bidirectional data link by maintaining a regular connection between the view and the model.

Meteor JS

Since its launch in 2012, Meteor JS has experienced excellent growth, making it one of the most popular frameworks. It is very well equipped, thanks in particular to its many features for back-end development. The framework also allows fast turnkey developments, as well as 100% JavaScript mobile applications.

Meteor JS is also appreciated for its performance, which allows immediate transmission to the user interface and vice versa of all changes made in the database.

Other frameworks

There are also frameworks such as:

- Vanilla JS: a light and fast cross-platform framework for creating powerful JavaScript applications;

- Inferno JS: it is rather a quick library that allows you to create very efficient user interfaces on both the client and server side.

In short, the choice of your framework will depend not only on your objectives, but also on the requirements of the project and the functionalities offered by the framework.

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