WebL'Agence - The best of Codepen #2

The future of the web is here. Codepen, a platform increasingly known by web designers, brings together the best of the latest applications and innovations tailored to the web. The artists, designers and developers of the future combine Html, CSS and Javascript to offer you the best possible experience. So we couldn't let you miss the best part of Codepen.

CSS 3D Solar System

Why don't we stay in space for a while? Julian Garnier's inventiveness has given birth to an extraordinarily entertaining and educational application. Through this creation, the whole solar system is represented here in 2D and 3D. This animated models the movement of all our planets around their axis. CSS 3D Solar System, with a simple click, gives the opportunity to choose your planet, Earth, Mars, Neptune or Saturn, and visualize its perpetual movement around the sun.

See the Pen CSS 3D Solar System by Julian Garnier (@juliangarnier) on CodePen.


Gravity Points

What if we reinvented the laws of gravity, or rather... weightlessness? Akimitso Amimuro has original and very inventive ideas. Its application will allow you to appreciate, on your screens, the effects of gravity. Its application poses a simple decoration: on a blackboard, multiple lights turn and twirl in all directions. With a simple click, you will be able to interact on this surface and thus create your own points of gravity, and thus make the movement of these small fireflies evolve. By creating your gravity points on Gravity Points, you will act on the balance of an entire system. It's absolutely captivating.

See the Pen Gravity Points by Akimitsu Hamamuro (@akm2) on CodePen.

Tennis Ball Animation

Playing on emotions and fascination is also one of the ambitions of these inspired designers. Mogeli Iorktipanidze captured the aesthetic and rotational movement of tennis balls on themselves to create a captivating animation. Whether you are a fan of the sport or not, the beauty and hypnotic character of this creation could fascinate you for a long time. Codepen is also a place to dream and be distracted, and Tennis Ball Animation embodies this outdated and yet not without meaning.

See the Pen #30dayscssimage - Day 25 ~ Tennis ball animation by Mogeli lortkipanidze (@Hastalavistababy) on CodePen.


Olly Moss Star Wars Parallax

The nostalgic and the amateurs of the incredible universe of Star Wars will have for their eyes. Olly Moss has more ideas, and this poster is proof of that. Red and pink, Star Wars Parallax reinvents the aesthetic of the posters of the famous film series, discreetly highlighting the unforgettable C3PO droid and several characters from the series, embedded in his profile.

See the Pen Olly Moss Star Wars Parallax by Mike Quinn (@mprquinn) on CodePen.


Loading Concept

Waiting for a web page to load, isn't that what you prefer? The designer Robin Delaporte understood this perfectly, and he proves it with Loading Concept, a waiting application with a sensational design to make his visitors wait with a modern counter and a little "destroy". At the end of the loading, instead of a classic message, the simple "DONE" message will be displayed. It's simple and very effective.

See the Pen Loader concept by Robin Delaporte (@robin-dela) on CodePen.


Codepen's best lies in applications like these. Through our selection, we went looking for inventive and unexpected ideas that caught our attention. But there are so many more to discover on the platform... Codepen is not done being inventive.