WebL'Agence - The best of Codepen #1

The web development community is full of very talented artists who are constantly offering new and wonderful things to develop the web. The codepen site offers snippets that have been very popular in the community in recent years. We show you 5 spectacular projects that will inspire you and allow you to integrate effects into all your web projects, with a little JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Chill the lion

With Chill the lion, Codepen offers you a new experience in the Internet world. Composed of an original pixel art graphic, a fan can be easily controlled with the mouse to blow on the mane of this magnificent lion.

See the Pen Chill the lion by Karim Maaloul (@Yakudoo) on CodePen.


Small 3D forest

Very original, this snippet was developed by superimposing several 2D planes in order to offer you impressive 3D effects. The demo represents a magnificent forest, illuminated by the sun's rays. To move the landscape, simply click and drag your cursor. Thus, you can discover the snippet from all angles.

See the Pen Little forest round 3D by Dave DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.


Unsubscribe page

As your visitors can subscribe to your newsletter at any time, they can also unsubscribe. For that, you can integrate this animation presenting an emotional letter which adapts its expressions to your actions.

See the Pen Animated Unsubscribe Page by agathaco (@agathaco) on CodePen.


Subscribe to the newsletter

So that all your visitors can fully enjoy your news, you can offer them a convenient feature making registration dynamic. A nice validation animation can only reinforce the user in his choice to have subscribed to this subscription.

See the Pen Signing up for the newsletter by Mikael Ainalem (@ainalem) on CodePen.



To bring a more lively and animated touch to your website, Codepen offers you the Mesmerizing demo. Very interesting and fun, it shows you very powerful circular movements and incredible transitions. This animation only uses html and css.

See the Pen Mesmerizing by xposedbones (@xposedbones) on CodePen.


These 5 projects proposed by Codepen offer you graphic functionalities that can impact user commitment. Best among the best, these demos are real jewels of the internet.

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