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The Breakthrough Innovations of CES Las Vegas 2018

If you are passionate about new technologies, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the annual event not to be missed. Like the last editions, the CES Las Vegas of 2018 has been marked by important innovations. Among all these technological advances and futuristic devices unveiled, difficult to rank the best. Nevertheless, some products stand out and stand out. Here are a few.

  • The LG Rollable TV, the plasma screen that wraps

We had already seen a prototype in 2015. But this time, the brand amazes us with a larger size and amazing features. The Korean giant now unveils its 65-inch roll-up TV with a 4k definition. The LG Rollable TV is rectangular in shape and wraps automatically when not in use. But if you want to control the music for example, it takes place partially. And if you want to view content, then it goes completely. Rather fascinating!

  • The Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector, a video projector in the shape of a coffee table

Two functions now in one element. Here you have a well-designed marble coffee table that acts as a video projector. Admittedly, it is short range but the concept is quite fabulous especially as you are entitled to a 4k image on a diagonal of up to 4 meters or 150 inches. But to get this jewel, we'll have to sign a big check ($ 30,000).

  • Flying taxi from Uber, a futuristic novelty shaking CES Las Vegas

We did not have the right to see him in action. But a beautiful demonstration was made through a 360 degree video. If the CES vibrates and dreams, it is of course thanks to this kind of innovations. Uber makes us discover his taxi of the future set up by Bell Helicopter. Of course, this kind of taxi will be an exclusivity reserved for large megacities. Traffic will be in the air while landings will take place on the roofs.

  • The magic pen InstruMMents 01

Among other revelations of the CES Las Vegas, there is the pen that facilitates the digital design. You drag the pen around an object or drawing, and the drawing is reproduced in an application for the occasion. The InstruMMents 01 partially revolutionizes 3D reproduction. You have several functions on a simple little gadget. As an illustration, you can use it to take dimensions.

  • The fingerprint sensor under the screen, Vivo takes the lead

The technology was eagerly awaited at CES Las Vegas last year but it was not until CES 2018 to discover this innovation. Vivo will be the revealer elsewhere and takes precedence over Samsung and Apple. The fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen is a real performance but improvements still need to be made. There is indeed a great slowness for unlocking the Smartphone with this system. But future models will undoubtedly undergo evolutions.

Other innovations that marked the CES Las Vegas of 2018

Among the other favorites of CES 2018 are:

  • The Google Smart Display
  • the modular wall speakers and design B & O Beosound Shape
  • Honda 3E Robotics Concept, robots that make life easier
  • Vivo Pro and its virtual reality headset
  • Nvidia and its 65-inch gaming screen with 4k definition

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